Fashion Design: ceiling wall light is a good choice for creating a unique, warm and stylish romantic home.Ideal for decorating living room, bedroom,dining Room, restaurants ect.
Suitable to match most house decoration.Space Application: This chandelier is suitable for use dining room, barn, living room, porch, entrance hall, foyer for the kitchen, but this is only a suggestion, you can choose according to your actual needs, which is installed ..
We recommend using LED Edison bulbs to increase aesthetics, save energy, and increase service life.Product Dimensions: diameter 40cm, the steel belt length: 100cm height adjustable, suggested room size: 5 10Sq.m ..
Except for the built-in LED light source, our products do not include light bulbs.LED lamp (LED 5Watt each), a total of 15W chandelier. Light Color: Warm white (can replace). NOTE: If you want to replace the bulbs, please select bulb G9. VOLTAGE: 220V. stainless steel, LED ..
Securely wrapped and fairly easy to install.Cozy and fireworks chandeliers, modern style, Creative design is simple and stylish, an easy way, your lights to decorate change with heart, elegant decoration lighting accessories in different styles, easy to install and keep clean with low maintenance requirements.


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